Machinery and Equipment


Machinery and Equipment

New Machinery and Equipment Import.

M2Trade has great expertise in import of machinery and equipment in general. Our professionals have 30 years of experience in this type of import, taking care of various aspects starting from costs reduction based on operational scope, orders of Import Li License,  EX Tariff requests when its necessary up until delivery to the client’s front yard.

Used Machinery and Equipment Import

M2Trade structures and carries our projects of used machinery and equipment import for Brazil. Working on costs reduction based on the scope of operations, orders of Import Li License, issuing reports by qualified engineers, monitoring all stages until the product is nationalized and delivered to its final destination with all necessary legal advice and accordance with legislation concerning import.

SECEX Brazil Ordinance No 23, 2011 (based on ordinance Decex No 08/1991) and Customs Regulations (Decree No 6.759/2009).